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Sterling Gates Hints at B5/Supergirl Reunion of Sorts!

Brainiac 5 was another character that I was very interested in, but very nervous to write. He's a character that whoever writes him falls in love with writing him, and with good reason. He's a blast to write. He's an extremely smart man, and his snide, know-it-all attitude sings out from the page. I've known some exceptionally smart people in my life, and all of them struggled with their emotions from time to time, so that's how I'm approaching Brainiac 5. Especially in regards to how he is around Supergirl in "Supergirl" #52.

Fans of Supergirl and fans of the Legion know there's something there between them, and it's gonna be a lot of fun to see the rapport between those two. We're not reestablishing their relationship that issue, per se, but instead, we're going to...

JR: You're giving too much away.

SG: Oh. Yeah, you're probably right. Well, uh, Supergirl/Brainiac 5 fans, give "Supergirl" #52 a read! [laughs]

And will you be exploring the Brainiac/Brainiac 5 relationship in "Last Stand of New Krypton?"

JR: Sterling had way more of a hard on to work with Brainiac 5 than me and I was the one that said, "You have to write the ultimate Brainiac vs. Brainiac 5 battle of wits and intelligence" And you'll see that play out in "Supergirl" #52.

SG: And what I think the best thing about that is that, in that equation, Supergirl is the X factor. I took what James said to me and said, "That would be awesome, but what happens when Supergirl is in the mix?" And you'll see that play out. It becomes a battle between Brainiac 5 and Supergirl versus Brainiac, and it's a big Braini-hullaboo.

Here is the link for the full 1st part of a 2 part interview with Sterling Gates and James Robinson. The B5/SG part is near the bottom of the page.

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