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Paul Levitz Online Interview Coming Up!

I recently discovered this online podcasting website dedicated to the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Legion of Substitute Podcasters! Yes, it is their fansite name.

So far for the past 69 weeks these three guys produce a fan podcast, talking about the latest Legion news, talk about past writers, artists, editors, their background, their influence in comics and in the LSH over the years and what some of them are doing today. Talking about the Legion characters, their backgrounds, stories that centered around them, powers, etc.
Then one them reads an old Adventure/Action/Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes comic. In a sort of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 kind of way. Talk about how outdated some stuff is, how simple things were viewed back then, or how wrong or right some details are, etc. They are so popular with their online podcasts about the Legion they even get some people who used to work on it to be on their show! Plus you can win actual prizes from them too,

Anyway on February 8th, they will be interviewing PAUL LEVITZ, himself!

Mr. Levitz is going to be talking about the new LSH series coming up as well as the past, and about what goes on and went on back the scenes about the Legion of Super-Heroes!

Here is the the link for it:

They have a pretty active forum for LSH fans too. They actually read their own forums and use questions posted there for their interviews with their guests.

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