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Drabble Post

Hello. I've been watching this comm., but this is my first post. I come bearing drabbles from my 50 Themes work.

Hopefully, I can finish all 50 and post all five chapters here. C:

50 Drabbles, A Hero's Theme
Universe: Cartoon
Characters/Pairings: Superman/Brainiac 5, Timberwolf/Phantom Girl, Lightning Lad/Saturn Girl, various
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: Some adult content; slash.
Summary:  In which Timberwolf cooks, Brainy referees, Lightning Lad is a jerk, and more. 50 themes, 10 per chapter. That means 5 chapters of drabbles, fights, love---and mostly random stuff. Includes slight slash.

Chapter 1, Drabbles 1-10

Warnings: I haven't read the original comics, though I do have some info on them.For me, Brainiac 5 is half machine, half flesh. Like a cyborg. Some Superman/Brainiac 5 slash. Other pairings, too...Be respectful. Some are shorter than others, but none are very long. If you don't like a certain theme, just skip it. Thank you.

Also, I consider these drabbles to be old...or, not up to par. Feel free to criticize forwardly but constructively.

Disclaimer: I only own the 50 themes made here. Nothing else.

1.) Contest

"Don't cheat, Clark," Lightning Lad grunted, ignoring the sweat dripping down from his bangs to his chin. "No...powers..."

Superman only chuckled in response, a small bead of sweat also making itself known on his face. "I'm not cheating, Garth--I can't, with my powers shorted out. Maybe you're just not as strong as you'd like to think," he replied.

Lightning Lad's teeth were grit tight, and he and Superman were both slowly starting to rise so as to get an advantage over the other.

"S-S...Shut up, Kent."

Saturn Girl, reading a book from afar, shook her head lightly. Really, put them in a room together and there was bound to be a contest.


2.) Hate

Brainiac 5 was sent rolling across the floor, until his body crashed into the worktable in the middle of his laboratory--his supposed safe haven. His head was reeling, and for a minute, his eyes were blinded by white flashes; and for that minute, he was oblivious to the danger--the one that had sent him sprawling against the side of the worktable--that was now walking towards him at a leisurely but deadly pace.

"Now, then, let us try again, shall we?"

Brainy forced his eyes open, his right still fuzzing in and out like static, and raised his head until he could properly see his foe, choosing to speak before the man could continue. "What do you really wish to acquire from this, Drax?"

The pale, evil sorcerer grinned, kneeling in front of the tiny blond cyborg, an intimidating pose that caused Brainy to narrow his still hazy eyes in warning. This only prompted Drax to place both of his hands on either side of Brainy's head, and lean his face in even closer, the purpose clear: to effectively trap the robotic hero.

"You know what...Where's the parallel universe transporter that Superman used to set me free the last time? I know you must have rebuilt it...It was a valuable item from a museum...Besides, how else would I be here?"

Brainy said nothing and continued glaring at the man, his eyes filled with hate. There was no point in denying the truth. Drax knew, anyway. The latter had been a rhetorical question.

"As if I'd tell you that information. You'll never--"

The cyborg never finished his sentence, as Drax had leaned in way too close, his nose touching Brainy's cheek, rubbing softly. The villain's breath washed over his face, cold and smelling of brimstone and ash, and he was way. Too. Close.

"I'll never...?"

Brainy readied his cannon arm, preparing to fire, but Drax held it still. "I'll have you know, that I can be very, very persuasive..."

Brainy could only shudder and turn his head away from Drax, attempting to escape when the man ran his serpent like tongue up from his chin to right above his left ear.

'Superman...' Brainy's arms attempted to push the villain away, but Drax gripped both of them and held them against the worktable, making them immobile and useless. 'Where are you?!'

A mantra of mental pleas and woes continued to stream along in his half-robotic/organic mind, and he could do nothing as Drax continued his "persuasion". Nothing, but pray that Superman would come flying to the rescue, as usual.



3.) Gloves

Lightning Lad eyed Superman's hands in great distaste as the boy-hero reached out to grab a glass of water. Superman, feeling a bit uncomfortable by the look, turned to his teammate, eyebrows raised.


"Hm?" As if snapping out of a trance, Lightning Lad's eyes quickly bounded up in surprise. Superman narrowed his eyes slightly, putting the glass down and crossing his arms over his chest in a "no-nonsense" fashion.

"Lightning Lad..." he trailed warningly.

"Oh, nothin'..." Lightning Lad casually turned away, walking about slowly. "Just...I know that I wouldn't want to touch anything after that last battle with that goo monster--especially if I hadn't worn gloves."

Superman's eyes widened, and he looked at his hands as if they'd revealed a universal secret. Lightning Lad merely smirked, continuing his descent from the kitchen. "Later, Super-boy. Might wanna get some hand sanitizer..."


4.) Metal

Phantom Girl stared at the sight before her when she walked into Brainiac 5's lab, not knowing whether to smile or to be a little...alarmed. Brainy was leaning over a large slab of metal that had once been the floor of a Coluan ship, his cheek rubbing softly against it. His eyes were closed serenely, which almost made Phantom Girl smile. But, still...He was hugging a large piece of metal slab...

"Um...Brainy...?" She didn't know how to finish, it just felt wrong to ruin...whatever was going on between Brainy and the leftover piece of scrap. But she didn't need to. Without opening his magenta-ruby eyes, Brainy replied softly, "It feels like home..."


5.) Sun

Superman flew at high speed, aiming to get away from Emerald Empress' hypnotic eyeball, and into the light of the sun, where he could easily power up. Of course, Emerald wasn't making it any easier--having already hypnotized Lightning Lad and Bouncing Boy. But luck must have not have been a lady for the villainess, as Superman finally rose up into the sky, his silhouette being cast over the green-haired woman almost menacingly.

"My turn, Empress!"


6.) Moon

It was him, and the darkness. Nothing more (in a physical sense).

...And that was just the way he liked it. Running relentlessly through the trees, Timberwolf relished the wild wind coursing through his ink-black hair--across his body--through his lungs. Oh, it had been too long since such a run had taken place. His feet thundered against the ground, and yet he was as silent as a hare; about as quick, too. No need to hunt, tonight. Oh, no. His inner beast was perfectly at ease, streaming like a rapid river with only the pale shining of the moon to serve as a guide--and in some ways, a witness.


7.) Food

Timberwolf had many a passion:

He loved to hunt game--and was frighteningly good at it, as a grossed out, queasy Bouncing Boy had discovered in person, one night.

The wolfman enjoyed a good, friendly spar--with any of the Legionnares. The beautiful release of tension in joints and hands and fingers, slashing half-playfully at his 'opponent', exchanging some witty banter (though, sometimes snipe-ish, when it came to a few select heroes); for Timberwolf and his inner beast, it was like a spa treatment for his muscles--for his being. One that made his inner beast practically purrrrr in delight.

He loved to read. A long, nearly endless paged novel was always enticing, and seemed to call to him every time (much to many of the other Legionnares' surprise--which actually sort of offended Timberwolf). He could write, too, but it always ended up being connected to his...father; if you could call a bastard like him that.

Timberwolf liked a few sports, as well. But Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy always seemed to get in a dispute. And picking teams was always annoying, loud, and insane...

But one thing he loved to do--anytime, any kitchen--was to cook food and make or perfect new recipes. Again, not what most people expected from the silent, serious animal-figure, but he had been human, once.

It was by far his favorite activity, especially when he shared his creations with his friends, much to their delights. Sure, Lightning Lad had found one of his arm hairs in some of his "Apple Crumb Pie Delight" once, but that hadn't stopped him from sucking it in like a vacuum (after plucking the hair out, of course).

Even Brainy, the workaholic, self-confident planner of the group, enjoyed a pastry dish or two.

Timberwolf reveled in the rare silence for a second. He was in the kitchen, naturally, attempting his own hand at perfecting a fifth generation pasta brunch recipe that ran in Triplicate Girl's family. According to the young teen, she felt something was missing, and had given him the ingredients so as to poke his "Magical fork-hand" (another Lightning Lad joke) at. Although he was concentrating hard on the amount of salt he was adding, Timberwolf didn't miss the light 'pad' sound of two feet trying very hard to land as silently as possible.

"Phantom Girl," he drawled, and nearly grinned as he practically felt her stiffen. So, she had been trying to sneak up on him again, eh?

"You know you can't sneak up on me; at least one of my advanced animal senses would have picked you up. You should know that by now."

Phantom Girl sighed in mock defeat, and walked over to stand next to him, smiling sweetly. "So...what's the latest dish?"

Rather than answer, as she seemed to immediately know what he was doing with a single glance at the boiling pasta. he instead responded: "Do me a favor--get me the sliced tomatoes in a can, would ya?"

Phantom Girl nodded, her face neutral. "Sure."

After five seconds, Timberwolf held his hand back expectantly, and brought the canned sliced tomatoes on top of the counter. Phantom Girl tapped his shoulder, he turned, and she had with her a can opener, which he refused--not surprised. Upon the inclining of her head, Timberwolf smirked, grabbed the can, and used his index finger claw to open the can lid easily. Phantom Girl smiled sheepishly, but said nothing else, preferring to watch him work his culinary magic; his greatest passion.


8.) Love

Ever since he'd arrived at the Legion of Superheroes (started by Lightning Lad), dug into the mainstream database history files, and read the accounts of new and old heroes, Brainiac 5 had always felt a sort of awe and admiration for Superman.

Any type of news, or stories, apparel, documentaries, etc, involving Superman, Brainiac 5 would immediately submit himself to many joyous hours of, as Lightning Lad had put it, "fan-boying". Everything about the Kryptonian amazed Brainy; his costume and his powers, his past and the life following it on Earth, the countless battles, his affairs with the Justice League, his looks...

Before long, Brainy would often find himself day-dreaming in the middle of tedious projects. One minute he'd be connecting the the nerve-end wires of a newly up-graded energy booster for the ship, and next thing he knew, he found himself imagining a first meeting face-to-face with Superman, or fighting side-by-side with him against the villainous Lex Luthor, and other such adventures and happenings. Then, Brainy's little dream bubble would pop, and he'd remember--'Superman is long gone...He lived his adult life in my ancestor Brainiac's lifetime. That's about four generations back...Hundreds of years. He was super, but not immortal...' And then, Brainy would get back to connecting those little red and green wires with fewer enthusiasm than before. He wouldn't want to think of Superman for a few hours--would force himself not to think of Superman.

When he'd first brought a young, inexperienced version of Superman--that is, his teenager-self, Clark Kent--Brainy felt his chest compartment and face heat-up rapidly, his heart (As a half-fleshling; a sentient, cyborg function--he had one) had pulsated so loudly, he was afraid Super "man" would hear it (and he could have, Brainy would remind himself, he does have super hearing).

It didn't matter that, a good ways unlike his adult counterpart, teenage Superman was a bit awkward and gangling, and nowhere near as confident as his older complexion, Brainy enjoyed every waking minute spent with the super-powered youth. He reveled in engaging in simple conversations, sleeping in the room next door, asking for help with a project requiring any type of lifting or heavy-mending; even just being in the room with HIM.

But Brainy knew it would never work...Couldn't work...

Superman's teenage counterpart would eventually head back to his own time, where he would eventually graduate high school, college, where he would eventually travel to Metropolis, where he'd eventually meet, save, fall in love with, and marry Louis Lane...And continue his heroic saga as Brainy knew it--and almost wished he didn't.

And that was that.

Unfortunately, his feelings didn't agree. Would never agree.

Upon Clark's arrival, Brainy knew that he no longer simply admired Superman...There was no way such a heavy, mind-clogging feeling could be labeled as mere admiration,or idol-ship.

Brainiac 5, descendant of the evil Coluan, Brainiac, Superman's mortal enemy, cyborg and team planner and mechanic, had fallen in love with Superman.


9.) Position

He was leaning over her prone form, hands on either side of her head, knees spread on either side of her developed hips and thighs. She was gazing at him, face still set with the same shocked expression: her lips were shut tight, but her pink eyes were wide, gazing into his own electric blue set.

Lightning Lad, blinking from atop of Saturn Girl, their breaths mingling, quickly jumped up, hoping desperately that no one had seen or heard this little scenario. Such an awkward position would shatter both of their reputations--and the last thing that Lightning Lad wanted was to give Cosmic Boy more ammunition for teasing him.


10.) Disease

"KAAA-CHOOOOO!" Bouncing Boy's outrageously loud sneeze echoed off of the Legion's walls, causing the current inhabitants-- Brainiac 5 (or Brainy), Superman, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Timberwolf, and Phantom Girl--to wince visibly.

"GEEZ," Lightning Lad all-but-snarled, glaring warily at the sick, elastic hero. "Spread the disease, why don'tcha?"

Bouncing Boy only sniffed miserably--loudly. "Bwell, soarr-y, yur highbness. Bu' I'be got 'o do b'y jub "

Lightning Lad scowled balefully, but said nothing more in response to Bouncing Boy. Suddenly, Brainy's voice was filling the room, his typing mad and rapid--like his explanation on the mission. "Legionnares, a report has come in! A group of inimical, most likely onerous group of bandits have taken most of the town square hostage! Phantom Girl and Timberwolf: I want you to escort the surrounding citizens as far away as possible--use force, if you must."

Timberwolf and Phantom Girl immediately turned and got going to their destination. Brainy turned to Superman, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad, his eyes flashing with its usual 'no-nonsense' blaze.

"You three, go to the scene, but do not act until I've given word. Clear? GO."

The three quickly followed suit on Timberwolf and Phantom Girl's path, but Lightning Lad stopped.

Brainy's eyes narrowed in confusion, but he simply questioned, "What is it, Lightning Lad? The situation is nearing 'above critical'. We need you on the scene, as soon as possible."

Lightning Lad eyed Bouncing Boy in a callous fashion--an act which escaped neither Brainy nor Bouncing Boy, who sniffed indignantly.

"Brainy, are you sure you want to stay with this," his hands fumbled for the words so that his mouth wouldn't, "Walking viral infection?"

Bouncing Boy huffed angrily, but Brainy merely stared at the hot-headed boy for a few seconds. Then, an uncharacteristic smirk painted itself on his green face. "Lightning Lad, your concern is..touching, but let me assure you this: I've hacked into some of the most intricate, complex and complicated computers in our galaxy, and somehow managed to escape without any viruses; I've also battled countless, hostile hoards of villains and diabolical delinquents, as well as saved the universe--twice, now--alongside my peers. I also happen to be partially robotic--that is, some of my parts or composed by that of a mechanical diorama. I believe I can handle the common cold."

The conceited smirk on Brainy's face, aided with his mocking tone and Bouncing Boy's unhindered snickering, was enough to cause the befuddled boy to run from the room, an embarrassed and slightly ashamed blush across his face, as he planned to take his thoroughly bashed ego out on the next moron who got in his way.

Bouncing Boy quieted down, turning to grin at Brainy, who smiled softly.

"Phanks, Brainy."

End of the first 10 of 50 themes. I plan to finish them all. Hope you all enjoyed.

Tags: .rating pg-13, character: brainiac 5, character: lightning lad, character: saturn girl, character: superman

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