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30 March 2009 @ 06:34 pm
Random Drabbles and Snippets 1 - 2, now with part 3 added  

Title: Legion Drabbles and Snippets 1, 2 and now 3.
Author: Pacerwolf alias Pacerpaw on ff.net.
Rating: PG
Characters: Lightning Lad, Phantom Girl, Cham, Cos, Timber Wolf, Brainy, Nemesis Kid, Shrinking Violet, Bouncing Boy, Drax, Winema Wazzo, R.J Brande and in upcoming chapters also Saturn Girl, Ayla, Mekt and Esper.
Era: Current, The Animated Legion of Superheroes show, Season 2 and some post-Dark Victory.

Summary: Just a few sets of animated legion drabbles, chapter 1 and 2 it's mostly humor and slight drama and in chapter 3 it's unexpected pairings/romance.

Words: 923 and with chapter 3 it's 1284.

"You were right Lightning Lad, I should have listened to you"  

The recorded message ended and Lightning Lad pushed the repeat button to listen to it a few times more, much to Cosmic Boy's growing frustration.  

"Why did you record that?"  

Garth smirked at him with a spark in his blue eyes. "Think of it as a historical moment, a true hallmark of Cosmic Boy quotes, Cos!" 

Cosmic Boy touched his forehead, feeling a headache coming on. 

This was going to be a very long, long, looong day.


Timber Wolf reached down to carefully put a hand on Lightning Lad's forehead.

He then glanced from his redheaded teammate to Brainy, smirking a bit as he
deduced the following:

"Hmm, he doesn't seem to have a fever and he's not delusional..."

Brainy was now smirking as well, he just couldn't help it.

"Indeed. His brain seems to be functioning within normal parameters. He is merely taking actual interest in the more advanced theories of space navigation"

Garth rolled his eyes at them. Are you guys going to be like that every time i
read a data pad?"

Brainy and Brin exchanged glances then looked back at the redhead and said in almost perfect unison: "Yes, Garth!"


Shrinking Violet had no intentions of handling the situation discreetly. No, it was time to make one thing perfectly clear and she wanted witnesses!  

Brainy was in the middle of a scientific rant to Timber Wolf and Lightning Lad when suddenly Shrinking Violet walked in, marched right up to him, reached up and gave him a very audible kiss right on the lips!  

Brainy was so surprised by this action and startled at first, then not really thinking logically, he reacted and returned the kiss. nbsp;

It wasn't until he heard Timber Wolf and Lightning Lad chuckle that he remembered that they were still there.

"So, Brainy, now do you believe that Violet likes you that way like i said?" Timber Wolf smirked.

He had called it first.



Part 2!

Nemesis Kid had laughed when Chameleon Boy suggested that he should take some fighting lessons from Karate Kid. The science police training was enough. Or so he thought anyway, until his first session in the Legion simulation chamber.  

He then discovered that it wasn't very wise to taunt someone before or after you eliminated their powers temporarily. Or to assume they would admit defeat just because they couldn't use their powers.  

Of course that hadn't really occurred to him until after Lightning Lad picked him up by the scruff of the neck and threw him away like a bag of dirty laundry!

Chameleon Boy had unsuccessfully tried to choke back a laugh and earned a glare from Cosmic Boy.


"I love you!" Phantom Girl told Cosmic Boy and gave the boy a big hug, then saw Chameleon Boy and hugged him too but harder.

"I love you too!

Chameleon Boy looked like he couldn't get any air for a moment then turned into a small bird like creature and flew away from the bear hug of doom. He didn’t get far though as he crashed right into Lightning Lad in the doorway.

Cham bounced off of the larger boy's muscular frame and reverted back to his Durlan form as he fell to the ground. He looked up at Lightning Lad, blinked dazedly and accepted the red-head's helping hand up.

Lightning Lad had seen what had happened and smirked at Cham's 'distress' if that was what you could call it anyway.

"Come on Cham, it can't be that bad, the effects of that Orolandian feel good gas will wear off soon, just like Brainy said."

Then Phantom Girl spotted him and flew over there. "Oh there you are, Sparky! I love you too!"

She wrapped her arms around his waist and gave him a hard hug, he didn’t mind her hugs but she was overdoing it.

Cosmic Boy took the opportunity to fly out of the room with an ironic wave to Garth. "Great, take one for the team, Garth!" he commented before he vanished out of sight.

Chameleon Boy had sought refuge behind Lightning Lad and snickered at that.

Lightning Lad sighed and rolled his eyes. "Very funny, Cham!"

He gently loosened Tinya’s grip around his waist and smiled wryly at her.

"That's nice Tinya, soo how about hugging Chamagain? You know how much he likes that!"

Cham gulped and flew off so fast you could almost see the speed lines after him and Garth laughed out loud at his undignified exit.

Just then Bouncing Boy tried to sneak past the doorway but froze as Phantom Girl spotted him.

"Run Chuck, run!" Cham's voice called and that snapped him out of it and he bounced away as if chased by some unmentionable horror.

Lightning Lad sighed as Tinya started to chase the black haired boy.

"Oh Sprock, here we go again!"


"No I'm not wearing that again, it's completely undignified!" </br>Timber Wolf told Phantom Girl who was currently doing her best puppy dog pout to get him to do what she wanted again.

"Aw come on Brin, all I ask is that you wear the Scooby Doo costume again this Halloween!"; she said and hopefully held it up.

Timber Wolf shook his head and hurried out of the room but Tinya was on his trail.

He had faced monsters, hunters, been slimed and even digitalised, but keeping a stubborn Phantom Girl at bay and keep saying no to her costume ideas was another story. 


Part 3 – Romantic drabbles

“Winema, we’ve been such good friends these past years but something has changed.” R.J Brande told the President of the United Planets over lunch in her home one day.

Winema looked at him and guessed what he was getting at but decided to let him finish what he was trying to say.

“I’ve grown to love you as more than a friend and I couldn’t bear to keep it inside anymore. Do you feel the same?” he said as his heart beat quickened and a small hope seemed to flutter on fragile butterfly wings.

Winema beamed a radiant smile at him. She had been right! He did love her! “R.J, I love you too!”

They got up from the table and embraced each other, for a moment not thinking about their duties or their public images. Or the kids they had with their long gone ex spouses and how they would react.


Garth was trying to make sense of what he felt. Was it just attraction or was it something deeper? Tinya had kissed him on two occasions but did she feel the same or had it just been playfulness and just slight attraction that wouldn’t develop further than that?

He didn’t have the luxury of time to really think about things before they were alone together again and he acted on impulse and kissed her. Her reaction was what he had hoped for and more but they were both a bit dazed. They had to start somewhere but would it last? Not even Brainy had the answer to that question. Only time would tell.


Drax would always remember that girl, she seemed to haunt him in some odd way he couldn’t put his finger on. She was partly to blame for his hated enemy’s escape but he couldn’t bring himself to hate her. Instead, he kept seeing her angelic face with those doe eyes.

Eyes that could drive a poor lost soul to further madness with the knowing he would never see the likes in there. She could have been his salvation. Wait, she still was! Wasn’t she?


P.S The Garth x Tinya and the Drax in love with Tinya drabbles are dedicated to BlueRaven on ff.net.