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For those who are interested in the Brainiac 5 and Supergirl pairing.

Saintash has started a Querl and Kara fan club on where it is a lot easier to post fan art on it.

SaintAsh made me a co-founder on it.

We have a big bunch of fan art and some fan fiction. Your invited to join SaintAsh's Querl and Kara's fan club (if you happen to have an deviantart account).

For those who are following my own fan fiction for Kara and Querl. I am slowly but surely working on it and hope to post some new chapters on Pink, White, Green and Elemental and the Love and Logic series real soon. It's been a rough summer for me, I have been in the hospital three times (twice for health reasons) as well as being the victim of an auto accident (only once for that thankfully).

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