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25 December 2008 @ 07:17 pm
The Surprise Visit  

Title: The Surprise Visit
Universe: Cartoon, Post Season 2
Characters/Pairings: Lightning Lad/Saturn Girl, Shrinking Violet/Brainy, hints at Timber Wolf/Phantom Girl, etc.
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: None

Summary: Lightning Lad gets stuck with team leader duty over the Christmas holiday and then Saturn Girls asks him for a favour. They get some visitors but who are they and what is Saturn Girl o co plotting?

It was a week before Christmas and even the alien Legionnaires were caught up in the season spirit. Lightning Lad’s people the Winathians were partly descendants of human space travellers but the Christmas holiday hadn’t been completely forgotten, it was still celebrated by some descendants, including the Ranzz family.

It was around 6.30 in the morning in New Metropolis at the Legion Headquarters and Lightning Lad sat alone by a table in the large kitchen, staring at the cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal in front of him with sleepy eyes. The redhead wore his uniform but clearly hadn’t combed his hair yet since it was even more unruly than usual.

He really wasn’t much of a morning person and certainly not very alert before his first cup of coffee for the day. There were times he had poured coffee over his cereals instead of milk, something that never failed to amuse his friends.

His twin sister Ayla was pretty much the same way in the morning and their older brother Mekt had used to joke about it many years ago, before everything changed.

But a few months ago things had changed again, for the better. Ayla was back, Mekt had abandoned his super villain career and Imperiex and helped the Legion bring her back and then turned himself over to the heroes for his past crimes.

The brothers were no longer enemies but there were some remaining tensions after all those years but it was nothing they couldn’t overcome now that the worst was put behind them. There was hope. There was always hope.

“Good Morning, Sunshine!” said a familiar voice.

He blinked, sitting up a bit straighter in his chair as he turned his head to see Saturn Girl standing to his right holding a pink steaming mug of herbal tea.

“It looks like I should have brought a comb along,” she teased, reaching out to touch his unruly red hair.

“Morning, Imra. A comb? What’s that?” he grinned innocently.

Saturn Girl chuckled and bopped him on the arm playfully then sat down next to him with her cup.

“I heard you will be on the standby team that will stay here over the Christmas holidays this year,” she said in a more neutral tone.

“Yeah, it’s my turn to be the team leader over the holidays this year,” he replied looking a bit solemn for a moment before he put on his duty face expression.

Imra reached out and put her gloved hand over his on the table, knowing exactly what bothered him.

“I’m sorry you couldn’t spend Christmas with your sister and your parents as you had hoped.”

“Thanks Imra, but it comes with the choice to be a full time hero on a team that’s always ready to fight bad guys. We can’t always get what we want.”

Garth sighed, remembering the look on Ayla’s face when he told her that he couldn’t come home for Christmas. She had said it was alright but Garth could tell she had been as sad about it as he was.

He had never regretted that he helped found the Legion of Superheroes team, or the he had been a part of it for so many years, but there were times he almost wished he was just an ordinary guy. Almost.


Imra’s voice brought him back from his thoughts.


“We’re getting a few visitors here at noon today and I was supposed to show them around, but Brainy needed my help to find someone telepathically and Rokk left for Braal an hour ago….”

“Wich leaves only me of the founding three to give the visitors an official tour of the Headquarters,”he finished for her.

“It’s not…tourists, is it?” he added and grimaced at the thought.

Imra couldn’t help but smile at his expression. “No, they’re not tourists, Garth.”

“Alright, I’ll do it,” he said, looking so relieved that Saturn Girl had to hold back a giggle.

She got up and planted a kiss on his cheek and grinned as she saw him blush ever so slightly.

“Thanks Garth, I knew I could count on you,” she said smiling sweetly as she left the room.

Garth sat there for a moment more though, smiling to himself. He wasn’t going to wash that cheek that day that was for sure! Then he got up, put the cups and the bowl away and went to fetch a comb to tame his wild red hair with. Or try to, anyway.

The things I do for the Legion.


A few hours later at 11.45 AM, Lightning Lad made his way to the entrance of the Legion Headquarters when suddenly a short pale girl dressed in purple and black with a purple streak in her black hair bumped into him.

“Whoa, easy there Vi, what’s the hurry?” he said to Shrinking Violet as he reached out to steady the Imskian.

She wore a new costume now and it was a lot like her old one but with purple and black instead of green and black. He caught himself staring at her a bit. She looked so much better in purple than in green.

“Oh, sorry, Lightning Lad. I just realised that I forgot to finish something In Brainy’s lab this morning,” she replied, blushing slightly as the redhead seemed to like her new outfit. She hoped it would have the same effect and more on Brainy when he saw it.

Garth smirked as he imagined Brainy working with Saturn Girl and then Shrinking Violet entering dressed like that all of a sudden. That would most likely break the blond, green-skinned Coluan’s concentration. As a humanoid Brainy had a harder time masking his emotions than ever before and it was pretty clear that he had a major crush on Shrinking Violet by now.

“Brainy’s going to love your new outfit, Vi,” he grinned and winked at her before he continued on his way to the main entrance.

Shrinking Violet blushed even more and smiled. You betcha, Sparky.

Lightning Lad then met up with Timber Wolf who wasn’t in a hurry and almost seemed amused when he looked at Garth.

“Is this where the fun tour begins?”

“Yeah, do you want to join the action packed adventure? We might even go look in the laundry room!” Lightning Lad joked back.

“Garth, the visitors have arrived I can already hear them.” Timber Wolf commented, glancing over at the large doors. He didn’t move as Lightning Lad walked over to open the doors and he was smirking for some reason.

Garth mentally steeled himself preparing for a boring tour as he opened the doors.

He stared. And stared. Rubbed his eyes and then stared again and then exclaimed: “Ayla?! Mom? Dad? What the sprock? Woo hoo!”

“Surprise!” Ayla exclaimed and started to laugh as she ran towards her brother.

He dashed out and swept up Ayla in a bear hug and swung her around, then brought her along as he went over to hug his parents as well.

“It’s so good to see you again, son! Luc Ranzz grinned and patted him on the back as they hugged.

Perla Ranzz ruffled her youngest son’s hair and smiled when it was her turn to get hugged. “It looks like Miss Ardeen came up with a plausible plot for you to come out here, dear.”

Garth looked toward the doorway where Timber Wolf was standing and beside him Phantom Girl had appeared, smiling ever so sweetly. They had been in on it too, no doubt about it.

“You were all in on it? Ahh, but I can’t argue with the results,” he said and grinned brightly as he looked back to his parents and at Ayla who was still clinging to him happily.

The only person missing now was Mekt but at least Garth had a few free hours to visit him the week before and their parents and Ayla had went to see Mekt once a month since he was put there.

Ayla looked at the raven haired girl with the small pupils curiously and her eyes widened a bit and she gasped when she looked at the werewolf like male by her side. Mrs and Mr Ranzz had met Timber Wolf years ago and Phantom Girl years before that.

Garth gestured at Tinya and then Brin as he introduced them to Ayla.

“Ayla, this is Phantom Girl and Timber Wolf. Timby looks a bit intimidating but he’s a nice guy…and he bakes the best cookies,” he added and grinned.

“Is that a marriage proposal, Garth?” Timber Wolf smirked.

Garth laughed at that. “Sure, why not, but Tinya would haunt me about it!”

“And you forgot to mention he’s a real comedian,” Tinya added and whapped Brin lightly on the arm.

“So is Sparky,” Tinya said as she nodded in Garth’s general direction.

“So, mom, dad, Ayla let’s go get your bags and I’ll show you the guest rooms on my floor?”

“That sounds good, dear. We’ve had a long trip and would like to wash up a bit,” said his mother.

Garth grabbed Ayla's bag, still holding his little sister with his other arm while Luc and Perla picked up their bags and followed their daughter, their youngest son and his friends inside.

This is just what I wanted this Christmas. Ayla thought. They were of different ages now because of what had happened but they were no less twins.

This is all I ever wanted for Christmas. Garth thought and simply couldn’t stop smiling.

He vowed to kiss Imra the moment he saw her, mistletoe or no mistletoe. This called for one serious wetone right on the lips and no mistake!


Once the Ranzz’es had been given rooms and everything they needed for their stay, Garth flew over to Imra’s quarters and knocked at her door.

“Come in Garth, I thought you’d come here to look for me”

He heard her calm voice in his head and smiled as he opened the door.

“Imra, I wanted to thank you” he thought back to the telepath as he saw her standing there smiling at him.

Then he seemed to run out of words. Electric blue eyes met pink sapphire eyes. Garth wrapped his arms around her in a hearty hug and she responded by hugging him back.

He tilted his head a bit to the side and she tilted her head a bit to the other side, sensing what he wanted to do.They kissed for the very first time. There wasn’t even a single mistletoe in sight but It just didn’t matter. All they needed was each other.

The End?

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lmemsm on December 25th, 2008 09:36 pm (UTC)
Cute story. Enjoyed reading it very much. Liked the characterizations. Hope you'll share some more stories in the future.
Pacerwolf, Jen, lolatwilightpacer on December 26th, 2008 12:58 am (UTC)
Thanks, yes i will share more of my stories here i think. There's a link further down to another story i wrote. *looks* Oh wait, wrong LJ Legion group....i posted the "Catching up" story in another community club. D'oh! I guess i'll have to post it here then, heh.

Edited at 2008-12-26 01:08 am (UTC)